PETA Wants to Get Inside Michael Vick’s Head


How will we ever know if ex-NFLer Michael Vick is truly sorry for fighting and killing dogs? According to PETA, the best way to find out is to have Vick’s brain scanned and to give him a full psychiatric evaluation.

Thanks, PETA. Thanks for once again making a mockery of animal rights. Thanks for somehow making Michael Vick suddenly not look like the crazy one.

The sports pundits are already having a field day with this. Some of my favorites include “Someone needs to give the leaders of PETA a brain scan” and “PETA has clearly had one too many tofu burgers.”

So, it’s come to this: PETA is taking the Vick situation too far, and the sports world continues to downplay the severity of Vick’s crimes.

Someone in between is reality: Vick doesn’t need a brain scan. Whether he is truly sorry for what he did is irrelevant because we’ll NEVER really know. The only certainty is that Vick is in jail, serving his time.

When Vick is released from prison in July, it’s very likely that, unfortunately, some NFL team will opt to take a chance and sign him. There will, without question, be backlash. Yes, PETA will flip out and threaten to put a hex on any team thinking of signing Vick. The sports talkers will say “Don’t have a cow, PETA.”

All that really matters is how the public responds. How will Vick’s new employer deal with possible protests, boycotts of games, and maybe even the loss of sponsors?

Yes, PETA, Vick has issues–he killed animals for sport. Yes, sports world, Vick is electrifying on the football field.

It’s up to the public to decide which trait will define the rest of Vick’s life.

I just hope that sports fans don’t let a guy off the hook because he runs fast and throws a ball far.

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