Red Dingo Personalized Tag


These tags are sturdy, customizable, and super cute!

A thin metal tag made from a machine at the local PetsMart or Petco cost anywhere from 6-9 bucks – this Red Dingo tag is thicker (and thus will last much longer), comes with the color background and design of your choice, and has deep, clear engraving for just a few bucks more than the traditional tag!

They must be ordered from a boutique (and online somewhere, I’m sure), so the week-long wait is a slight downside.

However, I don’t think waiting a week for a tag that will last forever is so bad! Casper has had his for a year and I still can’t find any scratches on it!

Definitely worth the $15 I spent on it!

Pros: Sturdy, customizable with deep engraving and many color and design choices available
Cons: Slight pricier


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