Review: Everlasting Treat Ball


We had high hopes for the product known as the Everlasting Treat Ball. It seemed like the perfect thing to keep Casper busy during the day.The concept of the toy seems pretty can’t-miss: Put a scrumptious treat halfway inside a rubber holder and your dog will spend the day licking the treat and trying to get it out of the holder. Basically, it’s a fancier version of the Kong.

Unfortunately, Casper showed absolutely no interest in this thing: Two quick sniffs and that was it.

Word on the street is that just about every dog loves this thing, so Casper might just be the rare exception to the rule. In our case, it’s twenty bucks down the drain.

Pros: As far as dog toys go, it’s a cool concept.

Cons: You might end up spending lots of money on something your dog doesn’t like.


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