Casper Kicks Up the Growls a Notch


Oh man, nothing annoys me more then when Casper has some sort of toy or chew stick nearby and he growls at the cats when they come close to him.

Lately, it’s been getting ridiculous–yesterday, Casper growled at our cat Beau from across the room. I couldn’t figure out why until I saw one of his toys sitting up on a shelf in the vicinity of Beau.

I really don’t want the cats to be on edge every time they see Casper and thinking he’s gonna growl at them every time they walk by.

I’m not sure why Casper is feeling the need to protect his possessions from the other animals, and I don’t like the fact that his growling and protecting of objects is getting more intense.

I don’t think he’d ever bite or attack the cats–he’s just not that kind of dog. He seems to do it more out of fear and insecurity.

I have a theory that in his previous home, Casper lived with bigger, more dominant dogs, and he was probably the one getting growled at.

My plan to try and put an end to this whole growling thing is to remove any sort of treat or toy as soon as Casper growls. Hopefully he realizes growl=toys go bye-bye. Any time he doesn’t growl when a cat walks by, I’ll give him a treat.

Hopefully it works!

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