The Flying Yoshi


We’re home (in Sacramento) visiting the family, which also means we get to see my mom’s dog Yoshi again, YAY!

Our bed here in Sac is extremely high off the ground (just to give you an idea of how high, there is a small 2-step stool by the bed for my short self to climb onto the bed). With this particular setup, Pom Pom and Casper aren’t able to just jump onto the bed whenever they choose – Casper will just sleep on his beloved doggie bed like usual, and Pom Pom will demand to be up on the bed, like usual.

Since we’ve been back, Yoshi has been so happy hanging out with his “Oregon pack” and playing with his best friend Casper (they love chasing each other around the house!). He’s also been abandoning my mom for our animal-packed room at night for bedtimes. Always the attention-craver, Yoshi would probably prefer to sleep on our bed but instead sleeps the night away on his doggie bed.

This morning, he decided that he especially wanted up on the bed, and acted on it by jumping from the floor straight up onto Dustin’s sleeping chest, all without assistance from the step stool. Yes, the 10-pound Japanese Chin with long flowy hair literally FLEW onto the ridiculously high bed, and landed gracefully on his four feet. Fantastic.

It’s always fun with Yoshi around, and I will be extra sad when we leave for the snow-storming state of Oregon in the morning.

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