Snow: Beautiful One Day, an Icy Mess the Next…



Walking with the dogs in the snow has been fun…driving a few miles down the road to take Cindy to work…not so much.

It’s pretty creepy watching people slip and slide all over the icy roads in their cars around town. More than anything, the timing just couldn’t be worse: Cindy and I are packing up the pooches on Thursday and heading back to California for about a week to celebrate the holidays.

That drive up the windy mountain roads is tough enough in the summer, so the prospect of navigating through ice and snow, installing chains, uninstalling chains…awesome.


Oh well, I guess I can see this as one more opportunity to “de-California” myself and practice driving in really really crappy weather.

Hopefully the dogs don’t get carsick from all the slipping and sliding on the road!


The icy, foggy blahness outside of our apartment…and no, the circus is not in town, it’s a tent full of Christmas trees for sale 😉

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