Avenue K9’s Top Ten Gifts for the Holidays

1. Hide-a-squirrel: This 4-toys-in-one is one of the best selling dog toys out there! Dogs can pull out individual squeaky squirrel plush toys out of the tree stump, and the stump itself can be used as a toy. It comes in three sizes for dogs from tiny to large, and is decently priced for the deal. A must-have for playful dogs!treat-ball.jpg

2. Everlasting treat ball: This is a great toy for bored dogs! The treat stuffed inside the ball keeps dogs entertained, and you can even stuff small treats and kibble on the bottom of the toy for your dog to dig for. This toy is so popular, customers from other states have called LexiDog to buy the toy!

3. Planet Dog toys: Not only are these toys made from recycled materials, they also smell minty fresh. If you have a senior dog that loves to chew, they have a special line of toys that are softer and easier for weaker jaws and teeth. Check out planetdog.com for more info.

4. Bullysticks: Ok, so they smell really, really bad, but your dog will love chewing on these things. Plus, they’re all-natural.

5. Engraved name tag: If your dog doesn’t already have a tag, the holidays are a great excuse to “splurge” on a higher-quality name tag (NOT one of those cheapo tags from the machines at Petsmart). Hot Dogs All Dressed and Red Dingo make personalized tags for a decent price, and they’ll last forever (even for very active dogs). While you’re at it, head down to the vet and get your pooch microchipped if you haven’t already.

6. Bowser bed: Not only will your dog love this bed, you can customize the bed’s fabric to match the rest of the furniture in your house.

7. Raised Feeders: Having your dog’s food bowls raised from the ground not only helps with the mess of the food and water, but also with your dog’s digestion. Designs range widely, and so do the prices, so do your research to find the perfect set for you!

8. Puppia Harness: It’s essential for smaller dogs to walk with a harness so their tracheas don’t get damaged from pulling on their necks. Puppia makes a nice harness that’s comfortable for your dog to wear and comes in many colors and designs.

9. Tuffy’s Toys: Self-proclaimed “World’s Tuff-est Soft Dog Toy,” Tuffies comes in many sizes and are made for the toughest chewers. Although it won’t be indestructible (really though, what is?), these toys will last a lot longer than the everyday squeaky toy.

10. RC Pet Raincoat or Fleece: Whether you believe in dressing your dog in clothes or not, you can’t dispute that the cold winter months can also affect your dog. Unless you have a Husky or other bred for snowy weather dogs, a raincoat or fleece is probably a good idea. RC Pet has a really great raincoat that is sporty, lined with fleece, and has a waterproof outer layer so it protects from rain while providing warmth. It also doesn’t mess with the much dreaded hood that most dogs refused to wear anyway. For those of you who don’t have to worry about wet weather, RC Pet also make the exact same style in a fleece jacket that doesn’t have the waterproof outer layer.

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