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The Lone Boxer: Part Two

*The Introduction*

The next morning, I woke up with a strange feeling. I was thoroughly convinced that we had lost our opportunity to add the sweet little Boston Terrier to our family. And yet, I couldn’t help feeling that something exciting was going to happen to us that day.

My boyfriend suggested that I call the owners to see if they had made a decision. When I called, the girlfriend of the guy who I had spoken to the day before answered the phone. I introduced myself and told her that we were calling to see if their little Boston Terrier was still available for adoption. She said that she had been waiting for us to call them back and asked her if we could meet them at the dog park in an hour so that the dogs can meet. I told her we would be honored to meet them up and thanked her over and over again.

When I hung up the phone, I was so excited I thought I was going to explode! We quickly got dressed and hopped in the car with the Kona Bear. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the dog park, and I think I talked the entire way (my poor boyfriend!).

When we got to the park, we let Kona run around for a while so that he could release some of his pent-up energy. About 10 minutes later, we saw a girl walking up the hill with a sweet little black and white puppy trotting next to her. The picture on the ad didn’t do him justice. He was the most adorable little Boston Terrier I had ever seen! He had a sweet, squishy little face and two big, beautiful brown eyes that just glowed with excitement.


“His name is Cash,” the girl said with a smile. I came out to greet them and he immediately started jumping all over me. I couldn’t help but laugh as he wiggled his tiny black nubby and made little grunting noises like a pig. I chatted with his owner for a few minutes and then asked if her if she could bring him into the park to meet our boxer.

To be perfectly honest, their first meeting was tense. Cash moved around so quickly that it made all of the other dogs in the park anxious. This made Kona nervous and he started barking at him. As soon as he did this, the girl picked Cash up and started backing up against the fence. At that point I thought she was going to leave with the little guy and never came back. But surprisingly, she just asked if we could take them outside of the park so that they can be away from the other dogs.

As soon as we left those gates, it was like we were dealing with two different dogs. Cash immediately started running around in circles around Kona and tried to get him to play. The look on Kona’s face was absolutely priceless. You could tell he was absolutely fascinated by the little guy and wanted to play with him. Both monsters spent the next half hour rolling around the grass and chasing each other.

I sat down on the grass and Cash came over to me and layed down in my lap. He flipped over so that I could scratch his little belly. My heart skipped a beat. He was so perfect! As I rubbed his little tummy, his owner quietly whispered, “I can tell that he has already fallen in love with you.”

It was at that exact moment that I knew that we had finally found our new baby. I was so happy I started crying. Cash looked up me and snorted.

We followed the girl back to their condo so we could pick up all of his stuff. As Cash followed his owner for what was about to be the last time, I could tell he knew something big was about to happen. He got so excited that he tripped on his own feet and tumbled half way down the hill. My hand immediately flew to my forehead. I could already tell we were in for it. We already had one clumsy dog in our house and now we were going to have two!

We packed up all of Cash’s stuff and watched as he said goodbye to his old home. I could tell his owner was heartbroken. I gave her my info and told her that she could come visit him whenever she wanted. I told her that we would e-mail her with pictures and updates.

I thought Cash would be sad to leave, but he was too excited. He eagerly jumped into our car and immediately started giving Kona kisses. We said our goodbyes and started our long drive home.

*Fast Forward To Today*

It’s been almost two months since we’ve added little Kash (we changed the “C” to a “K” as a puppy rite of passage) to our home and we couldn’t be happier.

Kona and Kash are absolutely inseparable. When we first brought him home, the bear immediately gave the little guy a tour of our apartment and showed him all of his toys. We thought it would take some time for Kash to feel at home but he picked it up almost instantaneously. We brought him home at around noon that day and by six he was running around with Kona and jumping off the couches like he owned the place.

The two little monsters *love *to wrestle – and when they get going it’s almost impossible to get them to stop. They are constantly rolling around on the bed making little snarly noises and bouncing around like monkeys on Red Bull. They are also obsessed with playing tug-o-war and have ruined several stuffies, socks and a few of my boyfriend’s favorite hats.

Though our apartment has suffered several casualties from the pups’ constant wrestling, we are so happy to have little Kash in our family. He is the sweetest little dog and is always doing things to make us laugh. He has brought so much joy to our home and we can’t picture our lives without him.


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