Christmas Presents for Dogs: No Longer Optional


I remember those awesome Christmases I had as a kid: I’d go to bed (by going to bed, I mean laying there with my eyes WIDE open for five hours), then wake up to find my living room magically transformed into Aisle 5 of a Toys r Us.

Even our dog got something–some giant bone-looking thing for our ‘ol Aussie Shepherd Pepper to chew up.

It was more of a “Awww so cute to see the doggie enjoying Christmas like the rest of the family” sort of thing. It’s not like any real thought went into the gift. Doggie like bone–>we buy bone for doggie and tie red bow on top–>doggie chew bone and the humans smile and clap.

This is the era of doggie obsession. Christmas presents for dogs get special ordered and custom made these days.

I know all about this first-hand. We actually figured Casper and Pom Pom into our Christmas budget this year… I’m not exactly sure what these two will be waking up to on the morning of December 25, but I can safely say it will NOT be a piece of junky rawhide wrapped in red ribbon.

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