Tube Inspiration

Casper is a picky eater.

His weird eating habits seemed to have improved for a few months, but for whatever reason, Casper’s pickiness has returned.  Maybe it’s because our fat cats like to eat his food, or just that Casper has grown anxious at the sight of three cats walking around his food bowl.

We’ve tried several things, such as mixing soft food in his bowl, changing his bowl, and even returning to hand feeding him pebble by pebble.  Nothing has worked for longer than a few days.  We were feeling pretty lost, until a wonderful inspiration came to us by way of television.

While watching It’s Me or the Dog this weekend, Dustin and I watched Victoria (who’s my new hero, by the way) address a finicky dog’s eating issues by giving him his food in a separate room blocked off from the bossier dog in the house.  The method worked, and the dog ate his entire bowl as soon as he realized the bossy dog wasn’t around to take his food.  So simple, and brilliant!

At the next feeding time, Dustin took Casper into the office and shut the door  to ensure that the kitties stayed out…SUCCESS!  The method is still working a few feedings later.  The hope is that we’ll be able to slowly bring him out and eventually get him to eat with the rest of our apartment farm.

We’ll see…we may still end up on It’s Me or the Dog one day!

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