Review: Dogswell’s Mellow Mut Treats


In my house, I can instantly gauge how tasty a dog treat is by how quickly my two pooches snatch it up from my hand and devour it.

For some reason, treats in jerky form always seem to be the most desirable. With this in mind, I knew the bag of Mellow Mut treats were gonna be a runaway hit the second I saw them.

They didn’t disappoint a bit.

Pom Pom and Casper ate them up so fast, I had to make sure they didn’t choke because I swear I don’t see either dog make one single attempt to chew them.

So if I was reading this review right now, my question would be “Why are they called Mellow Mut?”

Well, according to the package, Mellow Mut treats contain chamomile and lavender, which “Helps maintain a peaceful lifestyle.”

Awesome. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it sure sounds great. I’ve yet to see my dogs fashion tie-dye shirts or listen to New Age music, but then again I only bought the treats a week ago.

Mellowness aside, what these treats have IN them is just as impressive as what they DON’T have in them. Specifically, no hormones, antibiotics, fillers or byproducts. It’s also nice to know that the main ingredient is cage-free chicken.

They are pricey at eight bucks a bag, but each jerky piece is about five inches long, so you can cut them up into smaller bites to make them last longer.

Pros: Dogs love the taste. All-natural ingredients.

Cons: Price.


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