Dustin and Cindy’s Shelter Field Trip


Cindy and I decided to take a random visit to our local animal shelter yesterday to go see the dogs up for adoption. Apparently we’re really into torturing the crap out of ourselves–it’s impossible for us to go to the shelter without coming home with some sort of furry creature.

Luckily, we’ve finally reached the point where it’s humanly impossible for us to adopt anything but a house plant.

It was definitely tough to see all those dogs with that classic “TAKE ME HOME!” look on their faces. But it was also cool to see, in person, a couple of the dogs that we’ve recently had up on our “Dog of the Week” section on AveK9.

Oma, a Black and Tan Coonhound that was up on the site last week, was still there. She was the only dog in a kennel full of barking, crying madness that didn’t make a single sound. She just sat up in her bed all proper-like, checking Cindy and I out as we came up to her kennel.

It’s tough going into animal shelters and resisting the urge to bring home the whole freakin room full of dogs, but I definitely leave the shelter with a renewed sense of how important it is to get help the word out about how awesome it is to adopt.

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