Review: Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls


It’s easy to get frustrated with your dog when they start getting picky about what they eat– you spend lots of money on uber-premium dog food, only to have your dog sniff their bowl and walk away as if the contents of the dish just insulted their mom.My dog Pom Pom is this dog. If her food isn’t flavorful and fragrant, then she’ll have no problem dissing her bowl for an entire day in protest.

Of course, any time we buy some sort of soft food to mix in her kibble, she’s in heaven. But keeping Pom’s teeth in good shape has always been a challenge, so we’re wary on the soft food.

We’ve recently starting mixing  something called a “dog food roll” from Natural Balance. It’s firmer than soft dog food, but much softer than solid food–basically, it looks and feels like a roll of salami.

The rolls come in different sizes–we always get the small 3-ounce rolls. I use a cheese grater and grate little shavings of the roll onto the top of Pom’s kibble.

She loves it so much, her entire bowl of food is gone in just a couple of minutes.

Highly recommended as a food topper for picky eaters and as a high-value training treat.

Pros: Good price (a 3-oz rolls costs us $1 and lasts for a couple weeks in the fridge). Dogs love the taste, makes a GREAT food-topper.

Cons: Picky eaters might depend on the roll a little TOO much when it’s feeding time, so if you run out of the roll, expect some sort of protest and/or picketing on the front lawn.


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