The Story of Hemi The Pit Bull Pup



I came across the story of Hemi the pit bull puppy today, and I’m passing it along in hopes that people will be able to help an awesome pit bull rescue group save this little guy.

There are so many dogs in need all across the country–but this one in particular just really bothers me because it illustrates how even a little puppy can be discriminated against simply because of his breed.

I’m sick of all this ignorance about pit bulls. Please read Hemi’s story and help out in any way you can, even if it’s just by passing his story along.

Mr “Hemi” landed in a “Do Not Adopt Out Pit Bulls” Shelter in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He was left in an abandoned car by his owner who was fleeing from Police Officers. The shelter is not sure how many days “Hemi” had been left in the car, but he surely would not have made it for much longer.

The policy at this shelter is not to adopt out Pit Bulls, so HAPBTR (Hernando’s American Pit Bull Terrier Resue) is a ways away but the best bet for this kid’s recovery and successful adoption!

So we need your help! We’re accepting donations for Gas/Transport getting “Hemi” here (from the shelter in Alabama to Florida) and also his Veternarian Care *Neuter/Microchip/Parvo and Blood Tests/De-Worming/Vaccines etc.

For more information on Hemi, visit

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