Farewell To The Smush-faced One

3:00 p.m: We’re packing up the car and getting ready to leave for Sacramento to take our buddy Yoshi to his new home.

9:30 p.m: Yoshi freaked out for the first two hours of the car ride–he was breathing hard and shaking like crazy. Now we’re at a rest stop on the side of the freeway and he’s going for a pee-walk with Pom Pom and Casper. He seems quite happy to be both peeing and walking.

1:00 a.m: We arrive in Sacramento after about 7 1/2 hours on the road. Yoshi acts like he’s lived at Cindy’s parent’s house his whole life.

3:00 a.m: I’m so tired and delirious from the long drive that I swear Yoshi looks like Gizmo from that 80’s movie Gremlins:

img_0827-copy.jpg gizmo.jpg

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