Review: Antlerz Big on Cost, Low on Doggie Enthusiam


One common thread among all the different dog treats and toys out there are the words “Dog Love Them!” somewhere on the packaging.

As a pet owner looking to buy something that’s simultaneously loved by your dog and doesn’t cost a fortune, it’s sometimes hard to get past these words and actually consider whether YOUR dog would love it.

The “it” being put to the test today is a product from the QT Dog company called Antlerz. Only one ingredient in these things: Naturally shed deer antlers.

When I first saw these things, I was very excited at the prospect of my dogs getting back to their carnal roots and devouring a deer antler.

Of course, those words “Dogs Absolutely Love Them!” on the package sealed the deal–so much so that I ignored the $7.99 price tag for a single three-inch antler.

I opened up the packaging as soon as I got home and gave it to Yoshi. He quickly snatched it out of my hand and starting chewing on it–then about a minute later he walked away from it.

I tried Casper next. He grabbed it and ran off with it, chewed on it briefly, and that was that.

I was bummed. Yoshi and Casper are both avid chewers and I thought they’d be going nuts over the antler. Then I remembered that I spent eight bucks on it. I was even more bummed.

Oh well, I’m sure many dogs are obsessed with these things. It seems like a great product.

Unfortunately,  my dogs did not absolutely love them.

Pros: 100% all naturally shed deer antler, long-lasting and good for teeth.

Cons: Pricey. At least in my case, dogs showed little interest in it.


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