• Our Little Chomper          

    Beary White’s Tongue

    Have you ever heard of a dog who “chomps” or “bites air” when he has to wee? Our little Beary White doesn’t bark, jump at the door or ring bells when he has to go to the bathroom, he chomps. By chomps, I mean he bites the air. He sits down fairly close to Mike or I and he chomps until we take him out. Sometimes, if we don’t notice all the chomping, he will give us a good whine and stare at us with his big brown puppy-dog eyes. We like to call Beary “special.”

    Another cute thing about Beary is his tongue. It’s extremely long. It’s so long that it often pokes out of his mouth when he’s sleeping. And when Beary wakes up in the morning, his tongue stretches out like a frog and he makes the cutest little yawn noise. I wish you could hear it.

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