Review: Poochee All-In-One Harness


I always use a harness when walking the dogs, especially since they’re small and I don’t want to hurt their tracheas by having to pull on them too hard.

While Pom Pom’s Gooby harness is great, it’s difficult to use it when I have clothing on Pom – it just gets way too bulky.

Poochee all-in-one harnesses come attached to a leash (hence its name), and are self-adjustable by allowing you to push the fastener toward the dog to whatever size you need it to be.

Made in New York, the Poochee all-in-one harness acts like a step-in harness, except that it’s attached to a leash (hence its name). The adjustable harness allows you to easily adjust it to whatever size you need it to be, which comes in very handy,when you’re slipping this over dog clothes. The all-in-one is also hand-rolled, made of soft leather that gets softer with continuous use, and is pretty much supposed to last forever.

All this fantastic-ness comes at a price though. I paid $60 for Pom Pom’s small, silver leather all-in-one with a pink heart design, and larger sizes cost even more (around $75 or more).

Also, its step-in harness style just isn’t as comfortable as a full-body Gooby or Puppia
cloth harness.

Pros: Versatile, unique, great to use with dog clothes suc as raincoats
and winter coats and sweaters.

Cons: PRICE, level of comfort, “boutique-y” (a.k.a. Not available at
your local Wal-Mart-like pet store).


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