Dog Stuff: The LED Dog Tail Communicator


It’s hard to tell who gets more frustrated during some human vs dog interactions–there are times when my dogs REALLY seem to get irritated when I’m taking my time get out of bed for the morning walk, or when feeding time should have been 30 minutes ago and I’m still on the computer.

Two British inventors are working on making K9 communication as bright and clear as a neon sign–literally.

The LED Dog Communicator attaches to a dog’s tail (because dogs LOVE having things stuck on their tails) — the communicator measures the number of tail wags-per-minute, and interprets those wags into big, bright English on the LED.

Fifty-five wags per minute=It’s time to go for a walk. Forty wags=I’m hungry.

It’s hard to imagine exactly how the research for this gadget is taking place, but I like to imagine people in white coats in a room staring at a dog wagging its tail–one person counts the wags out loud, the other ones take notes.

You can read more about the LED Dog Tail Communicator at

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