I have two small, furry dogs who love to stare at our food and beg for us to share with them. I also have three active, young cats, one of whom has recently taken up begging as an occupation.

In the past couple of months, Beau has started begging for pieces of human food in whatever form it comes in, from crackers to veggies to meat. He has a particular fondness for anything cheese.

Despite his big size, Beau is quite the stealth – the moment I have food with me, I am sure to look over and see Beau’s big round eyes and circle face staring at me. When he first started doing this, I couldn’t resist the cuteness of my near 20-lb cat begging for cheese puffs…unfortunately for him, I still can’t resist him and I am sure to give him tiny pieces of whatever I’m eating.

I was feeling pretty guity about giving him human food, but at his recent annual checkup, our vet told us that Beau is healthy for his size and is truly a big-boned kitty cat.

Now my guilt is gone…but the reprimanding from the hubby to stop feeding junk Beau is not. One day I will learn to resist the beggin’ cuteness like I have learned with Pom Pom.

Oh, wait…I don’t think I’ve truly learned that lesson quite yet, either.

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