Ten Dog-Bathing Tips


1-Get Your Supplies Ready: You don’t want to be fetching supplies and have your dog running out of the tub while you’re doing so. Have the soap, towel, brush and other supplies ready ahead of time and nearby so you don’t have to scramble around.

2-Fill The Tub With Warm Water: Make sure the water is not too cold or too hot, otherwise the dog will be uncomfortable. Lukewarm water is best.

3-Ease The Dog Into The Tub: Don’t force the dog into the tub or drop him in suddenly. Pick him up, if you can, and slowly easy him into the tub.

4-Talk To Your Dog In A Soothing Voice And Relax Him: Don’t startle the dog with quick movements or a loud voice. Tell him how good his behavior is, pet him and make him feel comfortable.

5-Pour Shampoo Into Your Hand Then Lather Onto The Dog: Sometimes shampoo is cold and can be startling to the dog, so put the soap in your hands and rub them together before lathering up your pup. Make sure to rub it in and get every crevice. Keep away from his eyes, nose, mouth and genital regions, which can be easily irritated. If your dog has a dirty butt, use a baby wipe to clean it instead.

6-Rinse Thoroughly: When you’re finished shampooing your dog, rinse him thoroughly and make sure the water runs clear. A dog’s hair is much thicker than a human’s, and will take a longer time to rinse.

7-Let The Dog Shake Off: Letting a dog shake off will help expedite the drying process. Shut the shower curtain or stand back, because you’ll likely get wet!

8-Towel Dry: Take a large towel and dry your dog off thoroughly, yet rub gently. Make sure you get hard to reach spots.

9-Use A Blow Dryer: If the towel doesn’t do the entire job, give him a few blasts of the blow dryer. Just make sure to use it on a low-heat setting, hold the dryer at least 12 inches away and dry in a steady, sweeping motion. Do not keep the air concentrated on one spot, or you’ll burn his delicate skin.

10-Give Your Dog A Treat:  After all is said and done, give your dog a reward, whether a snack or a toy, for his good behavior and to let him know that baths are a good thing.

Source: www.tipdiva.com

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