Hey, She’s MY Kid!


Pom Pom recently acquired a brand new outfit, and we debuted it yesterday when she went to work with me. She looked so perfect and cute in the dress, and I was quite proud to be walking around with her.

Now, working at a dog boutique means that every once in a while I encounter people who think all things in the store are “ridiculous.”

I understand that we all have different views of what our pets “need” so I usually just let it go – but I can’t let it go when people call MY kid ridiculous!

Sure, Pom Pom’s new dress stands out.  But all day, if people weren’t talking about how cute Pom Pom looked, they were talking about how ridiculous she looked…and I’m standing right there!

I just don’t get it – here I am, obviously a dog boutique employee who values certain aspects of being a dog parent, plus Pom’s running around just fine, she’s sleeping, she’s eating, and she’s completely satisfied in her dress…so why passively tell me off like that???

After all, she’s MY dog, MY kid…and she’s not bothering anyone.  Leave me and my baby alone!

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