Top Ten Celebrity Dogs


1. Lassie
The ultimate celebrity canine. This iconic Collie has entertained audiences in film, television, radio and books for many years.

2. Toto
This Cairn Terrier was Dorothy’s bicycle-basket-riding buddy in The Wizard of Oz.

3. Snoopy
This animated Beagle is the daydreaming pet of Charlie Brown in the legendary comic strip Peanuts.

4. Eddie
The loveable Jack Russell Terrier from the hit television sitcom Frasier.

5. Bruiser
Elle Woods’ Chihuahua companion from the hit film series Legally Blonde.

6. Tinkerbell
Often seen sporting high fashion dog accessories, Paris Hilton’s pet Chihuahua is famous for being famous.

7. Benji
The feisty mutt who was always in the right place at the right time in the film series named after him.

8. Wishbone
The literature-loving Jack Russell Terrier from the popular PBS television series Wishbone.

9. Hooch
The Dogue de Bordeaux who shot to fame for being Tom Hanks’ crime-fighting partner in the classic film Turner & Hooch.

The heroic Saint Bernard from the film series of the same name.


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