Bolt Movie Starring… Beary White! Part Deux

Bolt Movie Starring… Beary White!

Yes, we know. Shannon and I are obsessed with our dog. But — and this is a big BUT — Beary hardly ever strikes that fearless, testosterone-infused pose, which prompted this mock Bolt poster. Unfortunately, my cellphone camera takes a good 20-30 seconds to boot up for a picture, so I always miss that one particular shot. But not this time, no sirree! Beary got Photoshopped up the wazzoo with our latest dog obsession — Disney’s Bolt. Enjoy =)

Here’s the original picture with the Bear struttin his stuff… I had to flip the picture for this poster because, based on the trailer, the bolt only appears on the left side — yeah, I had to freeze-frame to figure that one out.

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