Review: Savory Meat Treats Brought to You by Veggie Life!

Veggie Life

This review’s long overdue mainly because I wanted to write about Veggie Life’s Chicken & Apple treats… but then Beary ate them all. Then, I bought another Veggie Life Chicken & Apple bag, but I ran out of that, too, before I could post the review. So here we are at bag #3 – Chicken & BANANA this time – with some treats left to show you roughly how tasty they look like. They don’t last very long around the house, obviously, but if there’s one drawback to them, it’d be that they cost seven bucks a bag – not exactly breaking the bank, but they’re getting up there for the little 5-ounce bag. What does throw me off about these treats is the name – Veggie Life. Meat-wrapped fruit = Veggie Life? Close enough? Sure, sounds like a plan!

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