Fashion Show Doggies

Pom Pom and Casper were “hired” by my manager to represent LexiDog’s new fashions this Saturday at a wine tasting event that was held at the mall in which we’re located.

pomfashion2.jpgThe dogs’ job duties included trying on new clothes, walking around the 5th Street Market, and enticing as many interested spectators into meeting them as possible so that their mom could tell these people about the huge sale that was going on at the store.  Yes, hard work, I tell ya.

There were not as many guests at the wine tasting event as we had anticipated, so their 3-hour gig got cut down to 1…probably for the best seeing as how I am in the midst of battling strep throat.  Nonetheless, Pom Pom and Casper performed their jobs dutifully, allowing Dustin and I to prance them around in circles in tight (and adorable!) outfits in hot and humid weather as we wandered through sought-after crowds of strangers.casperfashion.jpg

The “fashion show” drew in customers, so their mission was successful.  The best part for me, though, would have to be when we tried on different outfits.

I would have to say that Pom Pom’s pink stripes tee with denim skirt and Casper’s awesomely awesome printed green polo were among the cutest things to ever touch their furry bodies.  And they look so good in them too!

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