Click Your Mouse, Feed a Dog!


When I was 12 years old, I played video games and watched waaaay too much TV. When Mimi Ausland was 12, she set out to find a way to help feed dogs at her local animal shelter in Bend, Oregon.

You win, Mimi.

Mimi’s hard work and determination has led to the creation of

The site works like this: Answer one trivia question. After you answer the question, 20 pieces of kibble will be donated to the kibble cause (if you got the trivia question wrong, they still donate the kibble, so no pressure).

So you may be saying to yourself: “Twenty pieces of kibble, that’s it? Does it really make a difference?”

Well, here’s your proof, Mr. Skeptical: In May alone, the site donated more than 500 lbs of dog food to the Humane Society of Central Oregon–that’s enough to give 1,000 dogs a day’s worth of food! has a sister site called where they donate food to shelter cats in need. So don’t forget about the cats! Do some clicking over there, too.

Each person can only donate 20 pieces of kibble a day, so bookmark the site and come back daily. Tell your friends, too.

Hopefully this will really catch on and the program will expand to other parts of the country!

The awesome folks over at donates all the kibble generated by the site (I love plugging cool orgs that do great work like this).

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