Review: Harry Barker Shampoo and Conditioner

shampoo.jpgWe’ve always used oatmeal shampoo with Pom Pom because she has extremely sensitive skin. It’s been awhile since we’ve had to give her a bath ourselves (she gets groomed regularly), but since our beach trip both Pom and Casper have been itching like crazy.

When we noticed that Casper’s skin was bright red all over, we decided it was time to have a doggie spa day at our house.

I grabbed some Harry Barker Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner from work on the recommendation of my groomer. Not only does it smell fantastic, it worked like a miracle – Casper’s skin has turned back to normal coloring and he hasn’t scratched since, and both the dogs’ hair are so soft and, well, voluminous! More impressively, the conditioner really did some magic by preventing tangles from forming, which made brushing a breeze.

An added bonus was the fun I had while bathing the dogs – the whole process of bathing, drying, and brushing and blow drying was a great Mommy-Doggie bonding time…plus, it was a fun activity for Dustin and I to do on a Saturday morning (seriously!).

Beauty does not come cheap though…each bottle of Harry Barker-ing goodness costs $14, for a whopping total of $28 for the set. But if you’re looking for something that smells good, soothes your baby’s irritated skin, and will give you some quality time with your dogs, this is definitely worth the money.

Pros: Scent, quality, bonding time with dogs.

Cons: Price, separate bottles for shampoo and conditioner = more time.


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