• Tuesday’s Adoptable Dog: Joe From Greenhill Humane Society!


    Do you like other dogs? Yes,it is unknown how I will do with other dogs, but I did OK on my greetings here at the shelter

    What do you think about cats? No, Because I did not do well on my meeting cats here and my size and strength I have the potential to harm cats.

    So how do you do with kids? No I need an adult only home with Great Dane experience , I am protective of my food and am uncomfortable with quick movements and handling.

    How do you feel about walking on a leash? I am big and strong and was never taught how to walk on a leash without pulling very hard. I need someone that will work with me so I can master this skill. The staff here feel using a gentle leader helps with my pulling.

    How would you describe your energy level? I have a medium energy level

    What are some of your favorite hobbies? Hanging out with my people and learning new skills

    How much do you weigh? 105 pounds

    How old are you? 4 years old

    What qualities are you looking for in a human? A commitment to helping me with leash manners, basic skills and handling desensitization. Lots of love to give me for the rest of my life.

    My adoption fee includes my spay/neuter, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, certificate for a free veterinary exam, and more!

    Please note that in order to make the best match possible, potential adopters must come to Greenhill in person to meet with an animal, as well as kennel staff, to complete the adoption process. All members of the household (including other dogs) should be present to ensure the chosen dog is compatible with everyone.