• Ten Must-Have Dog Items


    1. A good quality dog food is crucial to a dog’s health and happiness. A quality adult dog food should include a minimum of 18% protein, 5% fat and a variety of 24 key vitamins and minerals. A quality food reduces and firms stool and provides a variety of health benefits. Always consult with your Vet regarding the timing and quantity of feedings, don’t just rely on the manufacturer’s suggestions.

    2. Invest in an elevated feeder with stainless steel bowls for your pet. Stainless steel is not porous and resists germs better than other materials. They are also dishwasher safe, making them convenient to clean. The raised feeder will help your pet to eat in a more comfortable position and reduces neck strain. Elevated feeders also help prevent a deadly condition known as bloat that is common in large breed dogs.

    3. A quality collar is essential for any dog regardless of size or breed. A collar should fit snuggly, yet allow two fingers to slip comfortably between the neck and collar.

    4. No collar is complete without identification tags, providing vital information about your pet and how to contact you should they ever get lost.

    5. Every pet needs a leash whether they take exercise in the yard or never leave your side when let loose. It is illegal in most states to walk your dog in public places without a leash so you should always have one on hand. Aside from the law, leash walking is an excellent way to establish trust and discipline with your canine companion.

    6. Travel water containers are a must for any owner who travels with or walks their dog. Dogs, like people, need water to survive and can get dehydrated quickly without water to drink. Do not go out on a long walk and assume that you will find a source of water for your pet, bring it with you. Pet stores sell a variety of plastic and canvas varieties, or you could just bring an extra water bottle from your kitchen with an empty and clean plastic container.

    7. Flea and heartworm preventatives are crucial items that every pet parent should provide to their pooch on a monthly basis. Heartworm is a fatal disease that can be prevented with a monthly pill or topical treatment. Flea preventative is available in a wide variety of forms from the grocery store to the pet superstore. Heartworm preventative requires a prescription from your vet, but flea control items can be purchased over the counter. There are products on the market that contain flea and heartworm preventative in one monthly topical treatment making it more convenient than ever to care for your pet.

    8. A good bone is an item that no dog should be without. Bones allow an outlet for a dog’s natural chewing instinct as well as aiding in proper dental care. Owners should be careful when choosing bones for their dogs. Some real animal bones can be dangerous to a dog’s health and should be avoided altogether.

    9. A sturdy harness or seatbelt in the car is an often overlooked item for dogs, but is extremely important. On one hand, it protects them from being thrown about or out of the car in case of an accident. On the other, it keeps your pooch secured in the back seat and allows you to drive safely without canine distraction.

    10. Last, but not least on the list is a good first aid kit. A sheet or blanket, splints, gauze and forceps are among the items that you should have on hand in case of a canine emergency. There are many over the counter drugs for people that can be lifesaving for your dog and make a perfect addition to your kit; however, many can be deadly. Consult with your vet to create a life saving fist aid kit for your best friend.

    Source: www.buzzle.com