Tuesday’s Adoptable Dog: Romeo From Arizona Humane Society!

romeo--ahsROMEO – ID#A444788

I am a neutered male, white and tan Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever.

The shelter thinks I am about 2 years.

I have been at the shelter since Jun 14, 2013.

This information is less than 1 hour old.
Shelter Staff made the following comments about this animal:
-I weigh 50 pounds
-I am a very active, loveable doggie looking for the right family to take me home.
-I will need to meet all children in the home, and they will need to be 10yrs and older.
-I love to be the center of attention so I will need to be the only dog in the home.
-I am not exactly sure what a cat is…
-I am already house, and leash trained.
-I know the commands sit, stay, rollover and shake.
-My favorite toys to play with are balls, kongs an bones.
-Ask about microchipping before you leave.

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