Ten Tips For Renting With A Dog

1. Get together a list of pet-friendly places in the area you want to live–when contacting landlords, make sure to ask if there are any size and/or breed restrictions.

2. Provide references from past landlords as well as veterinarians, trainers and pet-sitters.

3. Show veterinary records to prove the animal is up-to-date on vaccinations and that you take good care of your pet.

4. Show any training certificates and obedience awards. A good idea is to obtain Good Canine Citizenship certification for your dog.

5. Provide a written statement that you will always keep your dog on a leash when outside and that you’ll clean up after your pet.

6. Prepare and provide a pet resume about your dog, including his good behavior, good health, any training courses, quotes from neighbors, the type of flea control you use, spay/neuter status, and other positive details.

7. Offer to pay a pet deposit if required. Try to arrange for a refundable one. Note to landlords and other property managers: refundable deposits encourage tenants to take good care of rental property.

8. Invite the landlord to meet your dog. Make sure the dog is in a calm state during the meeting. It helps to exercise the dog well before the meeting time.

9. It’s also a good idea to get renters insurance if you plan on having a dog in your apartment. Pet owners face higher liability risks because of damages that may be incurred by dogs.

10. Understand and review the terms with your landlord so that any issues that pertain to your pet are clearly understood by both parties.

Source: paw-rescue.org

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    These are great tips! So clever – the idea to create a doggie resume is brilliant.

    I linked back to this post in my monthly best-of post today (http://ht.ly/32Eru). Thank you for the great tips! I’m sure they will help a lot of people.

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