Adoptable Dog of The Week: Casey From Greenhill Humane Society!

Casey’s name means “brave”, and we think that is fitting considering all he has gone through. Just a young pup when he arrived at First Avenue, he suffered from a broken leg. After spending some time in foster care healing, he completed his recovery here at GHS.

This bundle of energy didn’t let anything hold him back! He didn’t understand why he couldn’t run and play like he should have been able to. But he needed to heal. And in that process, he won over the hearts of everyone he met. One volunteer described him as not having a mean bone in his body! Months of being pent up has resulted in a puppy with some bad manners!

Now that Casey has healed physically, he is ready to take on the huge task of learning how to be a well behaved pooch! He needs an owner that has the patience, experience and ability to train him. He does not understand how to appropriately play/interact with people, and his journey may be a long one. He jumps up a lot and will mouth arms, hands, legs, etc with moderate pressure.

This means he is not a good candidate to be around children. So give this brave fella a chance! His favorite activities include chewing on sticks, playing with other dogs, and discovering and learning about this great big world he has suddenly found himself in.

The best part about Casey: he loves dogs! Give this boy a buddy and he will play non-stop. We have to end his daily doggy play-dates for him because he won’t relent! We would like to see him go home with another dog that loves to play and is well behaved enough to handle a zealous pup like Casey.


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