Monday’s Adoptable Dog: Lucia From Greenhill Humane Society!

Lucia is a sensitive 1 year old spayed female chocolate lab mix. She is friendly, affectionate, and playful with the staff and volunteers. She makes an excellent walking companion and has nice house manners. She appears to have had some experince with house training and should only need a touch up in this area. Lucia is an alert barker and will let you know when someone has arrived at your home.

Please be prepared to spend some time getting to know her when you visit as she is initially shy with strangers. The staff will provide you with treats and toys to ensure that Lucia enjoys meeting you.

Lucia’s Ideal Home:
Cats: Unknown history with cats. Given her response to the cat test, her age/energy level, and her responses to sudden movements we do not recommend a home with cats. Exceptions may be made for dog savvy cats and experienced owners.
Dogs: Lucia is a bit forward as most adolescent dogs are, and may be too much for some dogs. She appears to prefer male dogs under 50 pounds.
Kids: 15+ years old with dog experience. Lucia needs socialization and confidence building with new people and situations. She is quick to arouse in response to movement and doesn’t know how to play appropriately (jumps up, bites at leash, clothes, & arms).
Owners: Experienced dog owners who are familiar with positive reinforcement based training or an interest in learning.

ADOPTION INFORMATION: Lucia’s adoption fee includes her spay surgery, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, certificate for a free veterinary exam, and more! Please note that in order to make the best match possible, potential adopters must come to Greenhill in person to meet with an animal, as well as kennel staff, to complete the adoption process. All members of the household (including other dogs) should be present to ensure the chosen dog is compatible with everyone.


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