Monday’s Adoptable Dog: Callie From Greenhill Humane Society!

*Callie is currently in foster care and her foster parents report: * She LOOOOVES to play TUG!! She just loves to play, period. Callie will play for hours, if you let her! A great game that I taught her is “Find the treat,” which allows her to use that great nose. *

Callie is extremely intelligent, very energetic, outgoing, and can learn anything. Currently working on Sit, Down, Stay, & Shake. * She is very affectionate, loves to snuggle, and she gives lots of kisses.

* Callie is house trained, permits almost anything when it comes to handling her, and rides well in the car. Areas where Callie still needs some work: jumping up and nice leash walking (however, she does well on a head halter). Her foster parents are currently helping her learn to be less demanding of their attention (she thinks she is the center of the universe).

Callie’s Ideal Home: Dogs: Only dog in the home (an exception may be made for owners with experience in slow introductions if they have a very well behaved dog who is skilled socially). Callie hasn’t learned to play appropriately with other dogs and is too much for most. Small Animals: No cats, rabbits, chickens, etc. She has a high prey drive. Kids: 14+ years old. She needs some work in terms of polite manners.

Owners: Experienced in positive reinforcement based training. Ability to manage an active dog that needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Extra love to give and a good sense of humor. Callie’s adoption fee includes her spay surgery, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, certificate for a free veterinary exam, and more! Contact Greenhill if you’d like to arrange a meeting with Callie and her foster parents will be happy to bring her in.

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