My Doggie New Year’s Resolutions

1. Two long walks with Casper every day.  I need the exercise and he needs new things to pee on.

2. More doggie playdates. Casper has been having a great time with Ollie the neighbor dog. Casper’s the only pooch in the house now, so I want to make sure he stays well socialized.

3. Find out what’s causing Casper to fart all the time.  Might be time for a diet change?

4. Keep up on the nail trims. This dog of mine is prone to broken nails, and those nails grow really, really fast. I need to suck it up and do regular nail trims between his grooms.

5. Cut down on doggie boredom during the day. I hate seeing Casper mope around the house while I’m working. Maybe I’ll invest in one of those Barkbox things…

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18 Responses to My Doggie New Year’s Resolutions

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  18. July 15, 2016 at 1:40 am #

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