Dog Deal: The Endure Edition PetQRTag With Lifetime Guarantee For $9!

I bought one of these for my dad’s pooch, and they are freakin awesome! These tags are normally $36, but has them for $9!

Here’s a description from of what they’re all about:

This Endure tag is coated with a scratch resistant coating to keep your QR code and id visible for years! The tag’s signature black and white QR code provides the instant recognition of the QR code to smartphone users.

Every tag also comes with a web address on the back of the tag, so anyone can visit your pet’s page either by scanning the QR code with a smartphone or entering the url in a web browser. By the same token, entering the tag id number into our website’s homepage search engine, a finder can also retrieve the same important information.

You control all the information you want to have shown and change it whenever you want by logging into your free account.

The tag comes with everything you need – a nickel plated split ring to securely fasten your uniquely coded tag, and simple instructions to activate and personalize your information. Nothing further to purchase!


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