Review: Bacon Cheddar Hand-Baked Dog Treats

Sojourner Farms’ Sojo Dog Treats

Remember that Welch’s commercial with the two little girls reading off and comparing the juice ingredients? One couldn’t pronounce the chemical names and the other girl read the organic ingredients without a hitch — both equally cute yet incredibly annoying. Well, I couldn’t help but notice that Beary’s Sojo treats have human grade ingredients, as well. And they’re not hard to pronounce either unless you’ve never heard of rye, which is probably the first reason why I went ahead and bought them. Interestingly enough, the cool thing is that because they’re human grade, I can actually try them too, ha! Yum. A few dog treat reviews ago, I talked about how surprisingly good Newman’s Own organic dog treats tasted. Turns out, Sojo’s are 10 times better! Even the polka dot packaging is superb… that’s probably the second reason why I shelled out seven bucks, though, I must admit the dog illustration on the cover looks more like a cow. Moo. It’s a bit hard to tell if Beary loves them. I know he likes them, but I’m not 100% convinced that he absolutely LOVES them. That’s cool though. More for me =P

Pros: Delicious. nice packaging.

Cons: A bit too big for training a little dog.


 just in case you wanted to watch one of those Welch’s commercials…

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